DHO:Discovery - Digital Humanities Observatory

About DHO:Discovery

DHO:Discovery is Ireland’s gateway to Irish digital collections and resources. DHO:Discovery supports the interdisciplinary and inter-institutional sharing of knowledge throughout the Humanities Serving Irish Society consortium and across digital research collections of Irish interest. DHO:Discovery provides three principal means of exploration:

There are tabs for each of these functions at the top of each screen and these provide a means for you to use DHO:discover.

Browsing DHO:Discovery

The primary way in which most people will use DHO:Discovery is by browsing the objects within the collections available. DHO:Discovery provides lists of subject terms, time periods and the names of collections that are contained within the website. You can simply choose the things that you are interested in and the website will provide a list of objects which meet those criteria.

Browse results are displayed in pages of 25 results. The slider control at the top of the screen allows you to advance between pages. You can also do this by clicking the 'next' and 'previous' words which will take you back and forward between pages of objects.

When you choose another mode of exploration such as Discovery or Search, the list of objects you are currently browsing will be forgotten and you will start with a fresh selection.


DHO:Discovery draws information from the DHO repository, based on Fedora Commons, a general-purpose, open-source digital object repository system. Other open-source software used in DHO:Discovery are SOLR, PHP, and the Javascript frameworks jQuery and AJAX-Solr. It is compatible with standard-compliant browsers. Every effort has been made to ensure compatibility even with non-standard-compliant browsers.

The Digital Humanities Observatory is a knowledge resource providing outreach and education on a broad range of digital humanities topics. It provides data management, curation, and discovery services supporting the long-term access to, and greater exploitation of, digital resources in the creation of new models, methodologies and paradigms for 21st century scholarship.

For more information about the DHO visit our website.

Humanities Serving Irish Society (HSIS) is a consortium of third level institutions funded under cycle four of the Programme of Research in Third Level Institutions (PRTLI). The HSIS initiative is a partnership of equals committed to developing an inter-institutional research infrastructure for the humanities. Consisting of the Royal Irish Academy, Queen's University, Belfast, University of Ulster, University College Cork, National University of Ireland Galway, National University of Ireland, Maynooth, Trinity College Dublin, University College Dublin, Dublin City University and University of Limerick.

For more information about HSIS visit their website.

The DHO and HSIS are both funded under PRTLI4 and thank the HEA, DES and the EU for the funding assistance that has made DHO:Discovery and these initiatives possible.