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Terms and Conditions

The website "discovery.dho.ie" is run by the Digital Humanities Observatory and gives access to a wide range of Irish digitised cultural heritage. This material is provided to the Digital Humanities Observatory by a number of contributing institutions and organisations, which in many cases, own rights in the information provided.

These Terms of Use set out the terms and conditions of use of the website "discovery.dho.ie" and the information and content made available on this domain (including other dissemination methods such as RSS feeds and API's provided by dho.ie). The website "discovery.dho.ie" is hereafter referred to as 'the Website'.

Permissions to reuse

Unless otherwise indicated in relation to specific elements of the Website, you are free to:

Share - to copy, transmit, publish, make available, reproduce, distribute, extract, re-utilise, display and store the content of this Website in all forms, formats and media throughout the world.

Transform - to alter, transform, translate, create adaptations, summaries or extracts of the content of this Website or to make other derivative works based on the content.
Under the following conditions:

Attribution - You must give attribution to the Digital Humanities Observatory and the institution(s) whose name appears in connection with the content of the Website and keep all attribution information intact (but not in any way that suggests that those attributed endorse you or your use of the Website or its content).

Non-commercial - You may not share or transform the Website or its content for commercial purposes.

Copyleft - Any transformation of the Website or its content must be distributed under the same or compatible licensing conditions as these Terms of Use.
The right to share and transform the content of the Website as described above, does not pertain to previews (such as thumbnails, text, video or audio fragments etc.) displayed on the Website. The terms of use for these previews are displayed alongside individual previews.

Note : For any sharing or transforming of the content of the Website, you must make these Terms of Use clear to others. The best way to do this is by placing a link to the Terms of use.

Other Rights

In no way do these Terms of Use affect any of the following rights:

Any rights you have resulting from applicable exceptions and limitations of copyright, related rights or sui generis database rights.
Any moral rights of any other party that may persist in or to the Website or its content, more specifically the right to be identified as the author and the right to object to derogatory treatments.
Any publicity, trademark, patent or privacy rights or other rights that other persons may have either in the content of this Website itself or in how it is used.

Limited warranty & disclaimer of liability

The Digital Humanities Observatory does not warrant the accuracy or completeness of the Website and its content.

Except to the extent required by applicable law, in no event will the Digital Humanities Observatory be liable on any legal theory for any special, incidental, consequential, punitive or exemplary damages arising out of this license or the use of the Website and its content. In particular, it will not be liable for the following:
Accuracy, completeness, etc. of the Website or its content.
Any infringement of privacy, publicity or other rights.
Any use by third parties that goes beyond the rights expressed in these Terms of Use.

Compliance with the Terms of Use

By exercising any rights to the Website on grounds of these Terms of Use, you accept and agree to be bound by these Terms of Use.

The Digital Humanities Observatory reserves the right to amend the Terms of Use. Use of any rights to the Website will be subject to the amended Terms of Use once you have become aware of the amendments and have reasonably been in the position to adjust use that commenced prior to the amendment of the Terms of Use. You will be assumed to have become aware of the amendments once you have been directly notified by the Digital Humanities Observatory in that respect.

These Terms of Use and the ancillary rights and obligations will terminate automatically upon any breach by you of the terms included herein. Natural and legal persons who have received derivative works from you under these Terms of Use, however, will not have their permissions terminated provided such natural or legal persons remain in full compliance with these terms.

These Terms of Use are governed by the laws of Ireland.

Disclaimer, Terms and Conditions

Rights to content presented through DHO:Discovery rest with the original Data Providers of collections. Individual items are subject to the licensing terms provided by the Data Provider. The Digital Humanities Observatory makes no warranty as to the content presented in DHO:Discovery and responsibility for the content provided herein reside with the contributors of the data.