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Crawford GalleryLaocoon and his Sons
Crawford GalleryThe "Lancellotti" Discobolus (Greek 5TH B.C.)
Crawford GalleryPortrait of James Penrose
Crawford GalleryStudio 1
Crawford GalleryA Boating Party in Cork Harbour
Crawford GalleryFigures and Sailing Boats in Whitepoint, Cork Harbour
Crawford GalleryLes Sabines
Crawford GalleryTime Flies
Crawford GalleryPortraits of Barry and Burke in the Characters of Ulysses and his Companion Fleeing from the Cave of Polyphemus
Crawford GalleryA Grecian Harvest Home (1 of 2)
Crawford GalleryThe Visit of the Poor Relations
Crawford GalleryThe Beast
Crawford GalleryArrondissement XXI
Crawford GalleryPortrait of Jonathan Swift
Crawford GalleryMother and Child
Crawford GalleryLa Rose et La Bleue
Crawford GalleryDomino!
Crawford GalleryThe Breadline 1916
Crawford GalleryAn Samhradh Samh
Crawford GalleryCommittee of Inspection 1877
Crawford GalleryLetter from America
Crawford GalleryPortrait of Fr.Theobald Mathew
Crawford GalleryImage of W. B. Yeats
Crawford GalleryGallery with Sliding Doors
Crawford GalleryView of Cork
Crawford GalleryArab Night Shapes
Crawford GalleryMarket Women
Crawford GalleryThe Dressmaker
Crawford GalleryPortrait of Lennox Robinson
Crawford GalleryMarie Rouget
Crawford GalleryThe Meeting of St. Brendan with the Unhappy Judas
Crawford GalleryLigeia
Crawford GalleryPortrait of a Gentleman said to be a member of the Browne family of Riverstown Co.Cork.
Crawford GalleryThe Horse Fair
Crawford GalleryThe Lough Derg Pike: Life size, with Relics
Crawford GalleryPortrait of John Montague
Crawford GalleryCahirmee Fair
Crawford GalleryGoing to Mass
Crawford GalleryThe Ripe Field
Crawford GalleryIsland People
Crawford GalleryEvening Star
Crawford GalleryReturning Islanders
Crawford GalleryOld Woman & Washing
Crawford GalleryTripod Bowl (Beige with green and black markings)
Crawford GalleryPatrick's Bridge, Cork
Crawford GalleryWhipping the Herring out of Town
Crawford GalleryDinghys at Ringaskiddy
Crawford GalleryA Girl Caressing a Child
Crawford GallerySusannah at the Bath
Crawford GalleryPortrait of Elizabeth Bowen at Bowenscourt
Crawford GalleryMountain Sheep
Crawford GalleryAn Strachaire Fir
Crawford GalleryThe Drunken Faun
Crawford GallerySt. Remy De Provence
Crawford GalleryHead of a Boy
Crawford GalleryInterior Group Portrait of Penrose Family
Crawford GalleryRecreation
Crawford GalleryAbstract
Crawford GallerySasha Kropotkin
Crawford GalleryNexus G.
Crawford GalleryCanal
Crawford GalleryA Quaint Couple
Crawford GalleryBoats on the Stour
Crawford GalleryHat Found in Venice
Crawford GalleryBowling Match at Castlemary, Cloyne
Crawford GalleryMathar agus Naoidhneann (Mother and Child)
Crawford GalleryLear and Cordelia
Crawford GalleryThe Falconer
Crawford GalleryFrancois I and Diane de Poitiers
Crawford GalleryA Quiet Place or Small Fields of Donegal
Crawford GalleryFirst Snow
Crawford GallerySamuel Beckett, (Boulevard St. Jacques, Paris 1985)
Crawford GalleryImage from a Remote Silence
Crawford GalleryPortrait of P. F. Higgins
Crawford GalleryDaydream
Crawford GalleryFamily
Crawford GalleryThe Way Home
Crawford GalleryEach Day
Crawford GalleryNight Odyssey
Crawford GalleryDark Shape and Black Line , Etcetera
Crawford GalleryThe Goldfish Bowl
Crawford GalleryTinkers Gathering Firewood
Crawford GalleryRiver Edge
Crawford GalleryPortrait Group (unfinished)
Crawford GalleryUnder the Pier
Crawford GalleryEast Coast Light 1
Crawford GalleryThe Consultation
Crawford GalleryExcelsior
Crawford GalleryPortrait of Sir William Orpen RA RHA (1878-1931)
Crawford GalleryThe Goose Girl
Crawford GallerySwans
Crawford GalleryGaffing the Salmon
Crawford GalleryTwo Female Nudes
Crawford GalleryIn Capel Street, Dublin
Crawford GalleryThe Small Ring
Crawford GalleryReturning from the Bathe, Mid-day
Crawford GalleryOff the Donegal Coast